The Parish Office, Chalcot, Field Lane, Wistow, YO8 3XD

Tel. 01757 268459, email wistowparishcouncilselby@outlook.com

To all members of Wistow Parish Council

You are summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council by ZOOM to be held on 29th September Tuesday  2020  Wistow, at 7.30pm.


1 To receive apologies for absence

1a Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman.

2 To receive declarations of interest from Parish Councillors

3 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 18th February 2020

4 Parishioners issues

5 Matters Arising     

            a Cemetery/Graveyard – No information.

             b Village buses – No information

            c Wistow Mine site – No information

             d Street lighting – No problems

 6 Planning Applications -

             a Glen Islay, Field Lane

             b Lydgate, Field Lane

             c Ashfield House, Field Lane

             d West Villa, Station Road

             e 3 Jubilee Road

             f Lodge Farm, Wistow Lordship

             g Old Ouse House, Wistow Lordship

             h The Old Vicarage, George Street

             I Scalm Park, Scalm Lane

             j Pinfold House, Church Hill

             k Strawberry Fields, Selby Road


 7  Planning decisions by Selby District Council

             a Lodge Farm, Wistow Lordship

             b 3 Jubilee Road

             c Ashfield House, Field Lane

             d The Old Vicarage, George Street

             e Glen Islay, Field Lane

             f Lydgate, Field Lane

             g Caravan Park, Scalm Park

             h Maisy Moos Day Nursery, Station Road


 8 Correspondence

              a  GDPR – Certificate

              b Letter from parishioner – parking on village hall car park

              c email from new PC in village and report.

              d email from North Yorkshire Police – Neighbourhood Watch

              e email from NYCC – Long Lane speeding

              f Letter from chair of Wistow School – email from NYCC


9 Other matters


            b Village Hall.

            c Neighbourhood Watch.

             d Co-option of new Councillors      

10 Outstanding Actions

a Play Areas

11 Finance

             a Accounts.

             b Approval of payments

12 Dates of next meetings