Wistow Parish Council


Draft minutes of the Wistow Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 15th February 2022

Held at 7.00 pm in the Chapel Hall, Wistow

Present : Councillors M Hewan (Chair), C Tindall, O MacDonald,M Golton,R Harrison, A Kendal and Clerk

Two members of the public in attendance.

14. To receive apologies for absence and consider the reasons for absence

Apologies were accepted from Cllr C Clark .

15. To receive declarations on interest from Parish Council

None were given

16.To consider approval of the Meeting of the Parish Council minutes held on 18th January 2022

Minutes were approved with one amendment form clerk to state that the defibrillator for the Jubilee Hall was to be funded by the football club as they were currently raising funds. Amendment was approved .

17. To consider any matters arising out of previous meetings

No issues were raised

18. To consider Members of the Public issues

No issues raised with Clerk

19.To note the Clerks update on:

Additional defibrillator Clerk confirmed that there was no other suitable location identified where an additional defibrillator could be located within the village.

Caravan on Garth Close the applicant has made an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate no date could be given by SDC when this would be heard.

Dog bin on Prospect Place new dog bin/waste bin had been installed.

20. To consider any Planning issues

None were considered.

21. Queens Platinum Jubilee

Member of the public attended the meeting and provided the Council with information regarding previous Jubilee celebrations plus other ideas how to involve the village, after discussion it was agreed to set up a working group to discuss ideas and bring back to Council for consideration. Working group members would be 2 members of the public, Cllr Kendal, Cllr Hewan, Cllr Harrison.

22. Clerks holiday pay

Cllr Hewan explained to Council that holiday pay could not be paid.Clerk to take holiday, as per instructions from Yorkshire Local Council Association.

23. To receive updates from the following groups

Web site- Cllr Macdonald explained he was speaking to NYCC regarding an e mail address for Councillors as advised by Yorkshire Local Council Association. (YLCA)

Finance Clerk informed Council that a grant application was made to NYCC requesting 3950 for the car park at the Cemetery in 2019, this was not claimed due to the delays in the planning process and the transfer of land from NYCC to the Parish Council. Clerk confirmed that she had advised the Locality Budgets at NYCC who agreed to consider the request if funds were still available.

Cllr Hewan informed the Council that he was currently identifying any other avenues where grants would be available to the Council.

Policies Clerk informed the Council that all the Statutory Policies were up to date and she thanked Cllr Harrison and Kendal for their support.

Playground and footpaths Cllrs Kendal and Harrison reported that they were looking in to grants available to update the play equipment. Cllr Harrison informed the Council that new goal posts were required, member of the public volunteered to weld new ones.

Footpaths Cllr Harrison informed the Council that some signs for public footpaths were not visible or missing, Clerk agreed to contact NYCC to investigate if they could help with this issue.

Cemetery Branches Out a contractor provided a quote for the preparation of reducing the hedging after discussion it was agreed that when Cllr Clark returned from holiday a further meeting should be arranged to discuss options and bring back to Council for consideration.

24. To consider and note the bank statements for January 2022

To consider and approve the list of payments made since the last meeting

Councillors approved the above reports

25.To consider and approve policy on Standing Orders

Councillors approved the policy

26. To consider Cllr Kendal e mail regarding involving the children to design a poster regarding dog fouling in the village ,

Cllr Kendal explained that it was becoming a problem in public areas of dog owners not picking up dog poo and she had discussed the possibility of designing a poster by children to the Head Teacher at Wistow Primary School who agreed to take part. Cllr Kendal agreed to implement in the hope of raising awareness of dog owners to take responsibility for picking up dog poo.

27. To consider and approve the contract with SWAT regarding Jubilee Hall security.

Council agreed to pay for the maintenance of the security cameras on the outside.

28. Ownership of Jubilee Hall

Member of the public asked Council if any further action had been made on this, Cllr Hewan advised Council that he was seeking to establish who the owners of the Hall were as it was unclear at the present time. Clerk informed Council that she had sent an e mail to the Parish Council solicitors who were dealing with the Hall in 1993 when it was built to get copy of the title deeds, as yet there was no response. Clerk to progress chase.


Meeting closed at 8.15 pm